Dominium is the first token ecosystem backed by real assets. Beyond the unique ethos of Dominium, our NFTs provide easy access to sustainable passive income.

What is Dominium?

Dominium is the first cryptocurrency to be backed by Real World Assets (RWAs). Gamified NFT nodes are used to provide passive income through Revenue as a Service (RaaS) to Dominium Citizens. We sell NFTs and use the money for real world, cash-flowing investments. We get a return on our investments that is greater than the rewards we pay. This allows us to provide sustainable passive income to anyone, regardless of their socio-economic position.

What is the point of Dominium?

The elite want us to hyper-focus on NFTs and magic internet money while they buy up land, farms, and real property from under our nose. Dominium counters this. Our goal is to build a protocol that allows the 'little guy' to take advantage of the passive income usually reserved for the wealthy. In the next 10 years, Dominium will accumulate a treasury of real world assets; through this protocol crpyto degens can secure their footing in the real world. Should all 'moon coins 'go to zero, we will have Dominium - backed by legacy assets. We are the bridge between old money and new money.

Where does the revenue come from?

Our investment treasury is allocated to revenue generating assets like KDA K6 miners, airbnbs, businesses, etc. These assets pay out a high return on investment. We pass this revenue onto our NFT stakers via DOM token rewards.
For example, a new K6 miner pays a 100% APR return. We take a $1000 'miner' NFT purchase and allocate $800 to a new miner, $200 to electricity and overhead, and pay an 80% APR to the NFT holder. Rewards are paid out for 2-3 years and then reduced as the miners profitability reduces.

How do I participate in Dominium?

Buy a Dominium Philosopher NFT and stake it to receive passive income from our basket of assets.
Buy a specific NFT (offered later) to receive the APR and return based on Hold the DOM token for a token backed by real assets.
Governance participants can get involved through discussions on our community discord. We are always looking for new community members to contribute!

How can I benefit from Dominium?

Security and peace of mind. Most passive income plays in crypto are not built to last, and lack a real business plan. With Dominium, you can skip the stress and leave the hard work to our core community! Dominium is the only node project with a proven long-term revenue stream. In 10 years, the value of our treasury will be worth far more than a stablecoin treasury. Our revenue is not dependent on nodes or mining rigs, we will always be generating more value for our holders. We benefit as a community by leveraging our internet money for real value and thus real influence in the future.

Who created Dominium?

Dominium was ideated by Et Auream and built by a distributed pseudo-anonymous team. Logan Hart is our Doxxed CTO, who you can read more about in our Mediums.

Who runs Dominium?

The Republic. Climb the ranks through plebe, patrician, equestrian, senator, finally to freeman. Rank up by contributing to the community and compounding your DOM!
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