Dominium General Basket

Consisting of all future Dominium investments, the Dominium General Basket is reserved exclusively for Citizens who own a Philosopher Citizen NFT. These include Marcus Aurealius, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Zeno, Homer, and Herodotus.

When staked in the “School of Thought,” Philosopher NFTs produce the highest APR, backed by our entire portfolio. This includes a portion of return from other passive income plays such as our mining facility, Amazon drop shipping companies, Airbnbs, etc.

As Dominium always holds the majority of treasury investments in BTC, ETH, and DOM, the general basket stands as a secure, sustainable investment option.

The Dom Token As the only token backed by passive income assets, the DOM token has the potential to enhance financial growth in a groundbreaking new way.

The 5-10 year plan for the Dominium Token In addition to pulling in sustainable passive income from our owned assets, Dominium will (a) drastically reduce rewards and (b) utilize our passive income stream to buy and burn the DOM token.

Why burn? Allow us to illustrate. Let's say an entity owning 50 million dollars in real world assets uses their considerable cash flow to buy and burn a coin for 50 years. The result? The value of said coin increases, as does the wealth of the coin holders.

Our coin burn strategy paired with the appreciating value of Dominium’s real-world assets solidify the Dom token as a secure vehicle for considerable, consistent financial growth.

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