Fair and equitable returns, for any investor, anytime.


Aequitas protects the price of Dominium in order to support sustainability and longevity for our rewards. NFT nodes are sold in both USDC and DOM. When DOM price is too high, users will buy nodes via USDC. When DOM price is too low, users will buy nodes via DOM.

NFT Node Sustainability

The problem is.. In reality — new node buyers are just supplying the passive income for these “OGs”. Quite a few whales were buying Strong at $50. Later investors came along and purchased the same node for 10x or even 20x the price. Yet the node pays the same amount.

A few things have become very clear:

  1. Node holders become an unsustainable liability to any node community.

  2. When you are late to a node game, YOU are the passive income provider.

This isn’t to say that nodes aren’t a great idea. They really are. People that wouldn’t touch Bitcoin with a 20 ft. pole in 2016 love the idea of nodes. Make passive income online via some blockchain tech you don’t understand! Sound too good to be true? That’s just how “nodes” work.

What we need as a node community is to simply make it legitimate. Cut the fat off and get straight to the meat. We can absolutely come together to invest a large sum of money for a higher return than its constituent parts would yield.

We as a community can participate in larger investments and thus higher returns when we join forces. Nothing magical here. It is truly Defi as a service + Revenue as a service. You pay Dominium to pay you dividends. Think of it like a bank. They give you .04% APR, they loan your money our for 11%, and profit the difference. It’s legitimate business venture (for them). We just actually are paying out the profits.

The difference here is this is DEFI. Huge gains are possible and we have 7 years in the space behind us to head hunt for you. Our goal is 30% APR for years to come. APR is higher for the first 12 months as a bootstrap financing campaign.

Dominium promises reasonable returns. No magical 3000% lifetime rewards. We will buy real property that will cash flow for generations. Those who invest in and hold an NFT in our dApp will receive those rewards.


The goal of Dominium is to provide stability for community members. Something that we can all count on when the dollar crumbles. We can let the coins and currencies battle it our for currency dominance. Our goal is to accumulate property. When the dust settles, whatever currency wins will be used to buy property. Property is absolute ownership.

We cannot accomplish this goal with bad tokenomics. When providing a viable product, the product has to be as good for the next guy as it was for the first. When protocols only benefit the early, they are destined to fail.

This is why we have derived an entirely new tokenomics model. We have brought the best of iconic node season projects together. Olympus DAO was revolutionary for a few reasons:

  1. Protocol owned liquidity.

  2. A treasury to support the token.

  3. Mechanics to increase and decrease token supply to meet the communities goals.

Strong protocol brought us nodes:

  1. A community that puts passive income first.

  2. Investors lose their initial investment and are thus guaranteed community members.

Both protocols had their issues, and many of their copycats have ended in ruin. We have studied each of the originals exhaustively, and have witnessed protocol after protocol fail to create sustainability. Finally after months of studying and chasing, being rugged, etc. We decided we must do it ourselves.

So we present to you Aequitas. A logical and simple solution that accomplishes the following:

  1. Creates a much longer runway.

  2. Protects and incentivizes the later buyer or compounder.

  3. Provides standard and predictable metrics for protocol success.


Aequitas. A more fair, equitable, just, and symmetrical noding protocol. New buyers are protected from paying a large premium on old buyers’ bags. We are providing a real investment product here. There is no reason for Pat to pay $10,000 for the same investment property Joe bought a week ago for $1,000.

DOM NFTs will be sold via USDC and DOM. The starting price for the philosopher citizens will be as follows:

Zeno: 22 DOM or 130 USDC

Homer: 220 DOM or 1300 USDC

Herodotus: 2200 DOM or 13000 USDC

Now notice, at the starting price of $4.6/DOM, minting an NFT in DOM rather than USDC is 30% cheaper. Aequitas works as an automatic price and supply balancer. If the price of DOM token rises too quickly, market participants will use USDC rather than DOM — reducing buy pressure. If the price of DOM falls, market participants will use DOM to mint NFTs — increasing buy pressure. Overtime the price of DOM will increase and the cost in DOM for an NFT will decrease to maintain price points around ~$100, $1000, and $10,000.

When NFTs are sold for USDC, the USDC goes straight to the DOM/USDC liquidity pool. This has the same affect on DOM price as a DOM market buy would. For example, $1000 can be used to buy 220 DOM, then an NFT for 220 DOM… or we can just take the $1000 in exchange for the NFT, and add the $1000 to the liquidity pool. Both paths have the same affect on DOM price. The latter helps promote longevity and sustainability. The portion of USDC that goes to liquidity from NFT sales, tuition, and tribute fees will calculatedly adjust to enforce the DOM tokens stable price appreciation.

These functions will be leveraged to balance price action during the first year of the Dominium ecosystem. Our goal is to keep the DOM price to ~20% growth per month. This will benefit the project by:

  1. Enforcing steady growth.

  2. Creating a chart that is inviting to new investors.

  3. Protecting later investors buy-in power.

New investors are the life blood of any project. It’s about time someone protected the interests of a growing community. We are setting the stage for the long game. Our sights are on the 10 year play.

It’s simple we know, but it is effective.

Take for example the Elexir fiasco. People bought NFTs for 1/10th what people a few days later bought them for. Early buyers sold their NFTs for 5x profit which was 1/2 cheaper than Elexir was selling them. To make matters worse, the NFTs were still producing Elexir while on the secondary market. Now, our staking requirement fix all of these issues, but at the end of the day the price spike in Elexir was unsustainable for the protocol.

Think about this for a second. Everyone wants a 10x, but few are thinking of the ecosystem as a whole. What Dominium wants is sustainable rewards. Dominium citizens know that. We must consider all exploits that may reduce sustainability.

For example. If we sold $1,000,000 of presale NFTs. We can confidently say that Dominium will be able to pay the $300,000 we owe our investors in passive income come April. Can we grow by 1/3 every month? Absolutely. We haven’t started marketing yet. The problem here is when protocols do a 10x overnight. Just like that, instead of paying out $300,000 in rewards come April, after a 10x, we would owe $3,000,000! We go from a confident 1/3 per month growth requirement to a 3x per month growth requirement. It’s not sustainable. It doesn’t work. Aequitas fixes this.

Look at Thor, they have one of the most incredible teams in the space. They are literally developing an entire P2E game! They cut their rewards down massively. However, in the end, the daily debt they owe to early buyers creates too much sell pressure and makes their protocol unsustainable.

Absolute Ownership

Our WHY is much bigger than nodes or DAOs. Our project is bigger than launching for a quick cash grab. We will always wait to do things the right way. If we see a fundamental flaw, we will fix it. We have a great team that is ready to pivot quickly. At this time in history in the Metaverse, it’s adapt or die. They say 1 month in crypto is 1 year in traditional finance. We can attest. We will continue to stick to our guns on sustainability and security. If there is ever a decision to be made you can count on us prioritizing the long-term plan.

Dominium will be the first ever token backed by real assets. Currencies waver but property does not. Populations will increase and property will always be scarce. Dominium represents the next step in monetary evolution.

Imagine a deflationary token whose community owns $1 billion dollars in real assets. Imagine if all the cash flow generated from these assets was deployed to buy and burn the token. What happens after 10 years? 20 years? 50 years? The properties only go up in value, the cashflow only increases.

Holders of Dominium NFTs will gain tiered access to properties. Those who hold a Marcus Aurelius NFT will have access to to elite penthouse suites and clubs. All philosopher citizen NFTs will have exclusive access to properties.

Dominium is a mastermind club for those who have eyes to see. Join us.

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