The Dominium Manifesto

In a world controlled by money, and a money controlled by the elites, we saw Cryptocurrency as our path to freedom. With the insight to see the world for what it was, we crypto-pioneers recognized the freedom that decentralized finance could bring. Yet, ironically, somewhere between Shiba and Ring, we of the cryptocurrency community strayed from the vision that originally brought us together. It’s time we looked back to our roots. It’s time to refocus on the freedom we were searching for.

Understanding freedom requires understanding money and the way it shapes the world. Banks control corporations. Corporations control politicians. Those who hold the money wield power over our property, rights, health, and livelihoods. Those who have felt the elites dilute our money, fence in our freedom, and maneuver millions of us into debilitating debt know that a life void of health and home can never be a life of freedom.

True freedom requires absolute ownership. The fundamental flaw of cryptocurrency lies in its separation from true wealth — land, water, resources, etc. When the cookie crumbles, stablecoins are just as prone to inflation as the dollar they are pegged to. The elite still amass ownership over real resources, real wealth, perfectly content to let us squabble over our crypto dollars. What good is all the monetary value in the world if we don’t have access to clean water, adequate healthcare, and homes for our families? At Dominium, we set our sights on the real prize from the start. Abundance. True ownership. We leverage our treasury to accrue real world assets. We then use those assets to give freedom and power back to our community.

We aim not to survive, but to thrive. The elites have rendered us dependent on a two-faced system designed to quietly drain us of our individual opportunity, they have carefully crafted a world of artificial scarcity. Dominium reignites this truth - a world of abundance can exist today. Here and now.

With our growing masses of degenerate wealth, we are forging a blade with which we will liberate our planet’s tangible, life-enabling assets. We look to the END of the $ring coins, who boast a six billion dollar diluted market cap with no product and shaky coding. We are all done with the Ponzi meme coins. We are ready for a system that will enhance the world. We are fighting for freedom.

We will build this world together at Dominium. Become a citizen today.

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