The DOM Token

First and foremost, DOM will be the first ever cryptocurrency to have its value backed by real world assets. This translates to price stability and appreciation, much like real estate. The DOM token is entirely community owned. Meaning there is no team or VC supply. All tokens are minted through smart contracts via our minting mechanisms. This means governance comes from participation, and no other method. At launch, no one has a profit to be made. We all are in this together.

NFTs are sold primarily sold via the DOM token. Aequitas prevents the DOM price from rising too quickly.

Over time, the supply of DOM will no longer be inflationary. A portion of the revenue from our assets will buy back DOM from the market. In less than three years time, DOM will be entirely deflationary, backed by a large treasury of revenue generating assets. Dom will be resilient to market volatility because it is backed by the most market resilient assets.

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