What is Dominium

Dominium (n.) Latin term that denotes absolute ownership and control of property.

Dominium has two long-term value propositions.

  1. A free-floating asset BACKED like never before

  2. RaaS (Revenue as a service)

  3. Access to Dominium NFT perks

The first: A backed asset.

We will be a near carbon copy of OlympusDAO as far as front end goes, but behind the scenes we have the unique ingredient of putting our treasury to work in new projects, and legacy markets. This is the first and foremost aim of Dominium. Aquire protocol owned backing in the form of liquidity, cryptocurrency, electricity, property, stock, gold, silver, etc. When we own our liquidity and have amassed a treasury, we no longer rely on others for long-term project security. When we put those funds to work, we change the game.

The second: Revenue as as Service.

RaaS, is more complex and is a long-term goal of the protocol. This is a new idea that is very rewarding to the holder. Hold Dominium for revenue from defi yields, LP fees, staking, Air BnB profits, rent, all from your wallet. Paid out in value other than $DOM. Dominium is a currency backed by a treasury. The treasury is composed of cryptocurrencies/tokens, NFTs, and legacy assets. The treasury grows through the sale of bonds, NFTs, tuition, tribute, revenue from assets, and interest.

Imagine a world where even the poorest family can invest in their own dominion of permanent property. The world is changing, population is growing, property is getting more scarce. Many millennials and beyond are growing up in a world where they are priced out of property ownership. The wealthy politicians sit back and trade while they make tax law, ownership, and legalize too complex for any laymen to understand. Wealth and asset growth are reserved to those who can hire legal tax and management help, just to participate in the game. Not anymore. Imagine a decentralized worldwide organization that owns property on every continent. Imagine renting at an apartment building where you get a 30% discount because you hold $DOM. Imagine buying Nancy Pelosi's dream house from her before she makes an offer, then making it an AirBnB you can only book with $DOM. The third: NFT perks. Many protocols hold stablecoins in their treasuries. We hold real assets. Property, land, resorts, islands, etc. Hold a Dominium NFT and gain access to the asset associated. Gain the revenue the asset produces, and special admittance to the location. Pay for resort stay in DOM, get a plot of land with DOM, gain access to an exclusive island with an island NFT, the list goes on!

We need you too! Let's get to work.

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