Dominium (n.) Latin term that denotes absolute ownership and control of property.
Dominium has two long term value propositions.
  1. 1.
    A free-floating asset BACKED like never before
  2. 2.
    RaaS (Revenue as a service)
  3. 3.
    Access to Dominium NFT perks
Dominium is the first cryptocurrency to be backed by real-world assets (RWAs). NFT staking is used to provide passive income through RaaS to Dominium Citizens. We sell NFTs and use the money for real-world, cash-flowing projects. We get a return on our investments that is greater than the rewards we pay. This allows us to provide sustainable rewards to anyone, regardless of their socioeconomic position.

1. A Backed Asset

Many treasuries have been assembled recently, few have had longevity in mind. Most treasuries are comprised of node projects, stablecoins, and other depreciating assets. We got into crypto to avoid inflation. It is necessary to build a treasury resistant to inflation. We have the unique ingredient of putting our treasury to work in new projects, and legacy markets. We will acquire protocol owned backing in the form of liquidity, cryptocurrency, electricity, property, stock, gold, silver, etc. In 15 years the value of $15,000,000 of property will be great. $15,000,000 of stablecoins - not so much. We have the future in mind. Dominium bag holders will receive the greatest long-term benefit. Our treasury will impact the world forever because of this. Not just the cryptomarket. When we own our own legacy assets like property and real estate, our treasury will always have value ‒ despite crypto markets. When we put those funds to work, we change the game.


All revenue generated within Dominium goes back to the buy and burn of the DOM token. Overtime our assets will rise in value and the cashflow therefrom will increase. This creates a snowball of deflationary tokenomics for the DOM token overtime.

3. NFT Perks

Many protocols hold stablecoins in their treasuries. We hold real assets: property, land, resorts, islands, etc. Hold a Dominium NFT and gain access to the associated asset. Receive a portion of the revenue the asset produces and special admittance to the location. Pay for a resort stay in DOM, buy a plot of land with DOM, gain access to an exclusive island with an island NFT . . . the list goes on, and we’re limited only by our imagination. Check out current NFT perks under the Philosopher citizen NFTs tab.

Our Ethos

Why: We exist to break down the financial barriers rigged against you by creating a system where you hold the power (not the fed, the banks, big pharma, politicians, wallstreet, etc.)
How: By providing you long-term safe and appreciating value, and a way to spend it on all of your needs — all within cryptocurrency.
What: By creating web applications for markets like homes, cars, food, travel, etc., Innovative web applications with high cash flow potential, cryptocurrency mining, real world business, and the hospitality industry (Airbnb, etc).

The DOM Token

As our ultimate focus, the DOM token is the first token to be backed by real assets. Every project that Dominium works on moving forward will benefit the DOM token first and foremost. Cashflow from each project will go monthly to buy and burn the DOM token. Cashflow form miners, businesses, Airbnbs, commercial real estate and more. As our assets appreciate, so will our buy backs.
Overtime the DOM token itself will respond to markets in the same way that real assets do. This will cater to stability rather than volatility. Thus, the DOM token will be the first token to decouple from the crypto market and stock market.


The look and feel of Dominium is fun, interactive, and gamified. The user feels like he is investing in similar projects, but the NFT experience is much more robust. Bonding, NFT sales, tuition cost, and tribute are our 4 revenue streams to build the treasury. Game theory, burn mechanisms, liquidity ownership, and delayed rewards all play a part in stabilizing the DOM price. Citizens go to our separate minting app to enjoy a beautiful minting experience. At first, only Dominium citizen philosophers will be sold. These citizens play a large part in governance and will always receive RaaS from all sources. After citizenship is closed, new NFTs will be sold to represent the current ongoing project. Each project will appeal to a different market and allow the Dominium community to grow. On our roadmap we have a mining operation that will have miner NFTs, Airbnbs that will have Airbnb NFTs, etc. Each NFT will have all the rewards of owning the real thing, without all the headache. Traditional (3,3) staking will have an APY of ~14%. Long-term our goal will always be sustainable rewards for citizens of Dominium, and all Dominium NFTs. We are also creating economies where citizens can acquire everything they need in the real world through DOM rewards.


Imagine a world where even the poorest family can invest in their own dominion of permanent property. The world is changing, population is growing, property is getting more scarce. Many millennials and beyond are growing up in a world where they are priced out of property ownership. The wealthy politicians sit back and trade while they make tax law, ownership, and legalese too complex for any layman to understand. Wealth and asset growth are reserved to those who can hire legal, tax, and management help, just to participate in the game. Not anymore.
Imagine a decentralized worldwide organization that owns property on every continent. Imagine renting at an apartment building where you get a 30% discount because you hold DOM. Imagine buying Nancy Pelosi’s dream house from her before she makes an offer, then making it an AirBnB you can only book with DOM.
Some may say this is an ambitious goal. Maybe in the US, but the world is bigger than that. In Portugal there is no crypto tax and you can buy property with cryptocurrency. Imagine if Olympus DAO focused just 10% of the treasury into property.
We live in a world controlled by money.
Corporations control politicians. Banks control corporations. Those who hold the money hold the power over our property, family, rights, healthcare, and livelihoods.
The fundamental problem with cryptocurrency is its separation from true wealth ‒ land, water, resources.
What good is all the monetary value in the world if we don’t have access to clean water, healthcare, and a home for our family?
It’s a lofty goal, but at Dominium, we set our eyes on the true prize from the get go. Abundance.
We want to thrive, not survive. We know that we were designed to thrive. We were designed to be happy, and we know it. So we search for it.
Why do any of us APE? Why are we degens? Why are we playing a market where we need a 1000x on our spending capital just to find peace of mind?
Because the elites have created a world of scarcity.
They have so many of us ill, on drugs, dopamine, depression, cancer and submissive. We are just trying to make it through our addictions to tomorrow. That’s not how it’s supposed to be.
The truth is that a world of abundance can exist here on the earth today.
So with all the wealth we are amassing like degenerates, we need a blade in the real fight for dominion over the earth’s tangible, life-providing assets.
In this Whitepaper you may be looking for the world’s best protocol, algorithm, or ponzinomic game theory. The truth is that it has all come and gone 1000 times by now. Look at bitconnect, NEM, IOTA, ADA… it’s endless. It is not code and algorithms that brings wealth. It is connections, teams, and dedication. We are dedicated to keeping our WHY alive regardless of market conditions and really changing the world.
We will succeed because we have the best team and the best connections. That is the real power of Dominium. We don’t stop at a broken road, we simply see it as an opportunity to build a bridge no one else has. That’s what it means to be part of Dominium.
Instead of trading, let’s build.
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