Cash Flowing Business

Cash flowing business is the primary Dominium strategie to grow our treasury

Real-world assets such as real estate offer excellent long-term growth and security, but generally require significant up-front capital. This is why Dominium’s early strategy for value accrual leans heavily on ingenuity, talent, and hard work. Think of our business strategy bucket as our incubator fund. This is where Dominium will focus the majority of our time, creativity, and manpower.

Although we can’t share details on every incubating Dominium crypto project, we do want to highlight a game changer: “Proof of Trust.” Dominium is currently developing an entirely new Proof-of-Trust technology that will completely change the crypto investing game. We expect the first content to drop in late May. In addition to providing the Dominium treasury formidable levels of ongoing revenue, our first incubator project will shock the advertising, NFT, and KYC space. In crypto, the first to a market often dominates, so many of our other incubator projects will continue to develop under the radar until ready for deployment.

Beyond crypto incubator projects, Dominium will incubate real world businesses such as franchises, 3PL and 4PL, warehousing, airbnbs, tourism, resorts and more. The ‘how’ of our mission is accomplished as we continue to build our investment portfolio and increase our cash flow. The greater the cash flow, the more value for dominium citizens around the world.

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