KD6 Miners (Coming Soon)

The next proof of work blockchain

Dominium’s First Miners

The ASIC KD6 We’re pleased to announce that Dominium’s first foray into crypto mining will begin with the acquisition of multiple Goldshell KD6 ASIC miners.

KD6 is a well rounded, downright impressive ASIC cryptocurrency miner that will be available in 2022. With a Kadena hash rate of 29.2Tb/s, KD6 is projected to be one of the most profitable miners in the world. In accordance with recent profit calculations, each miner has the potential to average around $60 per day. As we accumulate our arsenal of miners, Dominium is building up a reservoir of the blue chip KDA with incredible long term potential.

KD6 Details

High Performance, High Profitability The KD6 has an efficiency of 0.1j/Gh, which is 380W more power than its predecessor. The KD6 hits around 26.3 TH/s. The high hash rate is a good indicator that the KADENA network is solid and consistent enough to support long-term mining. Because the difficulty of mining is increasing daily, high hash rates are a must. We won’t gloss over the universal downside to miners: high energy demand. The KD6 is no exception. The KD6 Kadena Miner has a voltage range of 176 to 264 volts. That being said, the high energy cost is paid off with massive computing power. This is one reason our operation is much more profitable at first and long-term than a home rig. The acquisition of crypto and the associated influence for good it will have in the new world offsets any energy worries of waste. With each miner raking in $260 a day, our fleet of KD6 miners will provide consistent, sustainable income into the Dominium system.

Temperature, Noise, Misc.

According to the manufacturer, humidity doesn’t pose a huge issue, as the KD6 should maintain peak performance in humidity levels as high as 95% and as low as 5%. The temperature, however, should be kept between 45 degrees Celsius and 5 degrees Celsius at all times. At 80db, the miner is a little noisier than usual. However, as we’ll be housing the KD6’s in our Dominium mining facility, this won’t pose an issue.

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