Philosopher Citizen NFTs

the Governance of Dominium

The original philosopher citizen NFTs make up the citizens of Dominium. Under our republic governance each NFT has a role to play. Philosopher ROI is supported by the Dominium General Basket of investments. All future Dominium projects will support the plush living of our citizens. Each individual Philosopher Citizen comes with their own real-world perks when staked. These perks will be activated in tiers gradually, starting later this year. Any Philosopher with an NFT Voucher perk will be able to claim their NFT Voucher and exchange it for the associated reward. These NFT Vouchers are not exclusively used for their names (i.e. Round of Golf NFT doesn't have to be used for Golf) and each will be transferrable as gifts, to invite other friends and family members to join and be a part of the change Dominium is going to make in the world. Continue reading to discover more.

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