NFT Staking

Stake your Dominium NFT for passive income backed by real assets.

Dominium NFTs represent passive income opportunities backed by real world assets.

Many investors want to get involved in passive income but lack the time, ability, or capital to make it happen. This is why we are better together. We can come together and do things we could never do alone.

Whether you have always wanted a Bitcoin miner, an Airbnb, or an oil rig, Dominium will have those options available to you.

Citizens won't have the ownership or headache from their investments, but will get to keep the passive income.

Philosopher citizen NFTs are available for general citizenship and receive pool rewards from all investments, as well as citizenship and governance.

Other NFT types will be sold periodically and will only be tied to the investments they are associated with. Mining NFTs for a 60% APR for 4 years, AIrbnbs for 40% for 10 years, etc.

NFTs produce DOM and RaaS only when admitted to the School of Thought. The School of Thought has an initial tuition cost equal to one month of rewards. Ongoing, the citizen must pay a monthly tribute equal to 10% of his rewards to continue his schooling. This tribute fee will pay for: marketing, development, property management, etc. All of these costs go entirely to ensuring that the School will remain open and the price of DOM remains stable.

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