Projects Overview

The current status and development of the Dominium ecosystem as June 6 2022.

Overview and Dominium Introduction

Dominium will create a new on-chain economy that will provide greater stability and interoperability than any off-chain economy. The Dominium protocol consists of multiple NFT collections and tokens, each representing a specific project. NFT Drops: Our next NFT drop, coming in May of 2022, will be backed by real miners and represented by our Mining NFTs. Future NFT drops such as exotic Airbnb NFTs are each directly tied to their backed asset and create a whole new bridged economy.

Why: We exist to break down the financial barriers rigged against you by creating a system where you hold the power (not the fed, the banks, big pharma, politicians, wallstreet, etc.)

How: By providing you long-term safe and appreciating value, and a way to spend it on all of your needs, all on-chain.

What: By creating web applications for markets like homes, cars, food, travel, etc.; innovative web applications with high cash flow potential; cryptocurrency mining; real world business; and the hospitality industry (Airbnb, etc).

Participants who support the Dominium core mission can contribute and benefit through NFTs and tokens. Each NFT collection is backed by assets that are unique to that collection. Daily reward tokens are also unique to that collection.

For example:

The “Dominium General Basket” is represented by the philosopher citizen NFTs and is rewarded via the DOM token. The “Cryptocurrency Mining” basket is represented by the Miner NFT collection and is rewarded via the dSATs token.

The rewards and risk vary within each category so as to allow citizens the flexibility of contributing to the cause they align with.

Dominium General Basket

The Dominium General Basket is represented by the Philosopher citizen NFT collection. This collection receives daily rewards via the DOM token. Rewards are accumulated from a percentage of all current and future Dominium projects.

For example, a portion of the mining pool discount, Airbnb management fees, and all sales from our on-chain marketplace will be applied to the DOM token.

As our assets and businesses increase in value and cash flow, the buy and burn on the DOM token will increase. Over time, we plan to see scores of Dominium products boosting the price and value of the DOM token and thus DOM rewards.

The long-term APR goal for this category is 30% APR ongoing. Over the first two years the APR will exceed this amount as we grow and stabilize. Philosopher NFTs grant Citizenship and access to the Dominium General Basket. To obtain these, purchase one on OpenSea or Hexagon.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Double your BTC the safe way. Mining is essentially a “long” on the coin you’re mining. If you think the price of that token will rise over the next 3 years, you double down and force yourself to HODL with miners.

The Cryptocurrency Mining basket is represented by the Miner collection. This collection receives daily rewards in the token the miners produce. Accumulate BTC and avoid all the gas fees, thanks to Polygon.

A Miner NFT literally represents an investment into mining hardware at better-than-current market value. This is the perfect product for anyone who ever considered mining equipment, but opted out because of one of the many barriers to entry: $20,000 miners, expensive electric bills, lack of a cooling facility, high pool fees, intolerable noise, nuisance, etc.

With Miner NFTs, any community member can have all the rewards and resale value of a real miner, without the added hassle. Get started for as little as 300 USDC. Take advantage of the Dominum mining pool discount and bulk order discount. Utilize our 3 cent kw/h electricity! With our 24/7 staff and fire protection, you’ll have more uptime, more rewards, and significantly less hassle than if you were to purchase your own ASIC hardware.

Dominium funds the operation and overhead with the discounts we acquire via cheap electricity and bulk orders. So a miner NFT is literally 100% backed by real world miners, from the first sale price. Because of the variable cost of Bitcoin, the Miner NFT’s value and rewards will fluctuate with the miner–this is one of the most exciting features of this collection. With NFTs, we can most easily capture this value on the secondary market.

We will be purchasing our miners at a bearish bottom for Bitcoin. Rewards are allocated daily with a placeholder token, but can be redeemed anytime. For BTC miners, the rewards will be given daily in the form of ”dSATs.” Dominium Satoshis represent real BTC Satoshis and can be redeemed at a 1:1 ratio in “The Forge.” Claim your dSATs from the Mining Pit first, then take them to The Forge to receive the Polygon standard wBTC.

Dominium’s Miner NFTs can be staked into the Mining Pit to receive ongoing rewards from Dominium’s Real Crypto Miners. Create your own on our Minting Page.

Cash-Flowing Business

Dominium is currently developing more than 3 off-chain cash flowing businesses. The goals of these businesses are:

  1. Provide value to the DOM community on-chain.

  2. Insulate the DOM token from the crypto market by creating real world cash-flow.

  3. Further the integration of cryptocurrency into modern economies. (i.e. taking payment in crypto at an ice cream stand).

The nature of these businesses is covert due to the unique value proposition each will bring. Multiple patents have been filed for but are not yet pending. As such, it is imperative that we remain tight-lipped until we no longer need to worry about copycat competitors. Many have already mimicked our pivot to mining. At the very least, we can say that the projects we are developing have the potential to impact the entire crypto space as significantly as NFTs changed the art space. Though we can’t reveal everything, below is a sneak peek to the projects in store for Dominium.

We will give as much info as we can here.

Project 1: Grid wars. This is the next evolutionary step for NFTs and real world integration.

Project 2: Crypto Creamery. This is a high-end dessert lounge that not only takes payment in Polygon USDC, but the entire operation will be run via cryptocurrency. A true off-chain on-chain integration.

Project 3: XXXXX. Any code name gives this one away, but the problem it solves is allowing people to buy any goods directly with cryptocurrency -without KYC and the other nonsense solutions that have been put out. It’s not peer-to-peer if everyone has their hands in it.

Future Projects:Two additional projects are currently under development. New projects are considered every week, but we are careful to not take on more than our developers can handle. Rome wasn’t built in a day, It takes time and dedication to generate real value. With a long term plan and sights set high, Dominium is on track to outlast and outshine our competitors.

Reach out on Discord to contribute new ideas, Dominium is always on the lookout for the next big project to fund!


Dominium's multi-angle approach to a peer-to-peer economy creates a system that allows anyone to contribute their skills and passions to the development of our community. When what we are doing is so much greater than any one project or product, the future of the Dominium Ethos is secure. Products may fail, currencies may falter, but Dominium will live on.

Join the Dominium legacy. Let’s create a true peer to peer economy together.

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