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Cryptocurrency Mining NFTs

Cryptocurrency mining has been on of the most profitable ways for anyone to deploy capital in last 5 years. Naturally, many are intrigued by the idea of a computer working for them to pay the bills. While the market for those who would benefit financially from mining is large, many potential miners never get started because of numerable barriers to entry. Dominium NFT miners fix that.

Have you always wanted to mine cryptocurrency but didn't know here to start? Or maybe you find yourself overwhelmed by the details? Dominium provides the most simple solution. Dominium NFT miners. Owning a Dominium mining NFT provides all of the rewards of mining, with none of the hassle. Each NFT is backing 100% by mining hardware and 100% backed by the mining rewards. Claimable at anytime, just as if you had the physical miner running in your basement. Setting up your own mining operation requires more time, space, know-how and patience than most of us have. With Dominium mining NFTs, we are able to group our efforts for higher return on investment -without all of the hassle.

Mining 101

For those of you who haven’t delved too deeply into mining, here’s a basic rundown.

“Proof of Work” Mining is essentially the process of assigning a computer to solve complex block problems in order to mint new currency. Some miners directly mine Bitcoin. Some mine other cryptocurrency. It’s wise to convert coins you mine into ETH or BTC, to lock-in your profit.

Hash Rate- A miner’s Hash Rate is a measurement of its mining power. For example, 30 mega hash = 30 million solution attempts per second.

Types of Mining Rigs

You can break miners down into three main categories. ASIC, GPU, and FPGA.

ASIC miners require a lot of energy, are specifically built to mine, and therefore are usually the most profitable. They are heavy duty, and often the professional mining go-to. Dominium plans to acquire multiple ASIC miners in our mining facility.

GPU mining is when an individual acquires a series of graphic cards to get more computation power of your PC, thus turning it into a miner. This is traditionally the way that many “at home” miners make things work. With enough graphic cards, anyone can create a powerful rig using the GPU method. FPGA miners sit somewhere in between ASIC and GPU miners.

Dominium’s First Miners

The ASIC KD6 We’re pleased to announce that Dominium’s first foray into crypto mining will begin with the acquisition of multiple Goldshell KD6 ASIC miners.

KD6 is a well rounded, downright impressive ASIC cryptocurrency miner that will be available in 2022. With a Kadena hash rate of 29.2Tb/s, KD6 is projected to be one of the most profitable miners in the world. In accordance with recent profit calculations, each miner has the potential to average around $60 per day. As we accumulate our arsenal of miners, Dominium is building up a reservoir of the blue chip KDA with incredible long term potential.

Temperature, Noise, Misc.

Miners get hot, and thus require cooling. Without a water cooled system, miners require air-conditioning and good airflow throughout any facility. A overheated miner means less rewards, and a longer ROI. With most miners, humidity doesn’t pose a huge issue, they should should maintain peak performance in humidity levels as high as 95% and as low as 5%. The temperature, however, should be kept between 45 degrees Celsius and 5 degrees Celsius at all times. Noise levels depend on the miner but are generally surprisingly low. At 80db, a miner is hard to forget. Many opt for NFT mining because they can avoid the hassle of climate and noise control.

The Kadena Blockchain

Boasting smarter, safer contracts and “its revolutionary, braided multi-chain architecture, Kadena is the only scalable PoW platform capable of scaling to settle the 9+ million trades executed on the NYSE each day”[]. Since its launch in 2016, founder Will Martino and co-founder Stuart Popejoy have developed Kadena to provide solutions they felt nobody else offered. By weaving together multiple Bitcoin-like chains, Kadena claims unparalleled security and unquestioned long-term potential. Mining Kadena is a good idea because they are set on Proof-of-work (POW), which means a Kadena POW miner will be able to work throughout its lifetime. In addition, Kadena is relatively unknown compared to Bitcoin, meaning the potential upside is much higher.

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