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Dominium Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining is Dominium’s first passive income asset. The Dominium Mining Facility will house a number of professional crypto miners, the quantity of which to be determined by the Dominium community. The passive income generated here will work to recoup the investment of the community, pay down the investment of the Mining Facility warehouse and property, and further advance Dominium’s investments in other real-world assets.

To ensure a safe, sustainable cryptocurrency mining practice, Dominium has developed a criteria based on best practices observed over the past decade.

Reliable, verified miners are acquired Sufficient overhead capital is held in reserve for a potential HODL Affordable electricity is available

Dominium, as well as anyone else familiar with mining, knows this is no small task. Quality miners must be ordered months in advance, delivery takes time, and supply is always a potential issue. Profitability can be entirely dependent on the reallocation of incoming funds. Do we go straight to BTC? USDC? Or should we hold until the time is right?

With more than 8 years of crypto mining experience and fully aware of the challenges, the Dominium team is prepared with the assets, the experience, and connections needed to establish a successful Mining Facility.

As arguably the most profitable miner available, we currently utilize KD6 Kadena miners. The Kadena blockchain is a revolutionary proof of work Etherum competitor. Kadena is backed by JP Morgan, can handle much more transactions than Ethereum, and boasts ‘gas fee-free’ transaction options. More details at

Where do you come in? While Dominium manages the overhead and research, all you need to do to start earning up to ~60% APR is to mint a mining NFT and stake it.

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