Cryptocurrency Mining NFTs

All of financial benefit with none of the hassle


In the new digital economy, millions are now fascinated with the idea of earning income passively through the internet. And although many have considered the possibility of cryptocurrency mining, they often shy away from it when faced with the daunting barriers to entry. $30,000 mining machines, high electricity costs, excessive heat production, and a lack of technical expertise are just a few of the legitimate factors that intimidate new inquirers.

Nevertheless, a sustainable passive income acquired through the internet via cryptocurrency mining can be very real. Dominium has worked tirelessly to implement a solution that offers all of the perks of mining, without any of the hassle. Through NFTs, ownership of a miner and its rewards is as simple as getting the funds together and signing your Metamask wallet. No shipping, set up, or facility required.

Thanks to our growing community, specialized expertise, and crucial connections, Dominium has established a community mining system in which your contribution is guarenteed to yield greater rewards than any one-man show could hope to attain. The formula is simple. With bulk orders, cheaper electricity, and economies of scale, our NFT miners outperform any residential mining set up, dollar for dollar.

Why NFT mining?

NFT mining is the next logical step in the mining ecosystem, and will transform the market for the next few decades. NFT mining drastically reduces barriers to entry for the people who would like to contribute to and be rewarded for cryptocurrency mining.

The primary utility of these NFTs is to provide additional liquidity to the mining market in both the on-boarding and off-boarding processes. Whether buying into mining, or selling old equipment, NFT miners will be equivalent to real miners, without the hassle or hangups. At their core, miners are a futures market for their respective tokens. NFTs tokenize this concept. NFT mining brings the high rewards of mining to a much larger audience.

Our Dominium mining system leads to more centralization and participation - strengthening networks and expanding community influence.

Why Kadena?

Our research and development team has spent the past 6 months working on this question. After learning from our research and referring to the 10+ years of mining experience of senior team members, we landed on one basic principle of mining success:

Mining profitability depends almost entirely on which miner you buy, and when you buy it.

An expensive miner purchased at the top of a bull market can take 5 years to ROI, by which point the technology will have become obsolete. This is why the “which miner” question has been the core focus of our discussions for months.

We have determined Kadena to be the miner of choice for the following reasons:

  1. The future promise of the Kadena blockchain as a scalable proof-of-work solution.

  2. The KD MAX miner is currently one of the most profitable miner on the market, even with the Kadena token being far from all-time-highs.

  3. The potential upside on such miners when Kadena returns to all time highs.

In short, Kadena offers both the most profitable short-term rewards and the greatest upside potential in cryptocurrency mining today.

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